Building from Source on Mac OS X
To compile BFitler on Mac OS X, you will need XCode 2.2 and Tiger. The resulting binary will be compatible with Panther as well.

  1. Download and unpack the ready-to-build package of BFilter's dependencies. Build and install them by following the included readme file.
  2. Download and upack BFilter's source package, then open bfilter.xcodeproj with XCode.
  3. Click the Build button. Wait for building to complete.
  4. Using the Terminal application, go to packaging/osx directory:
    cd Desktop
    cd bfilter-0.10.4
    cd packaging
    cd osx
  5. Run:
    sudo ./
    Root access is required to set the correct file permissions, as PackageMaker takes file ownership and permissions directly from the files themselves.
  6. With Finder, go to packaging/osx/PreparedPackage and open BFilter.pmproj
  7. Edit the version information, both in "Installer Interface" and "Package Version" tabs.
  8. Do Project -> Build and save the resulting package in packaging/osx/DmgDir
  9. Back in Terminal, do the following:
Now you should have a disk image (.dmg) file in packaging/osx