BFilter is a filtering web proxy. It was originally intended for removing banner ads only, but since then its capabilities have been greatly extended. Unlike most of the similar tools, it doesn't rely on blacklists (although it does support them). The problem with blacklists is that advertisers are always one step ahead. You see an ad slip through, you update your blacklist, and in case it didn't help, you add a new entry yourself. Once I got tired of that, I decided to write a proxy that would detect ads heuristically, much like modern anti-virus software manages to detect many viruses unknown to it.

BFilter is Free software released under the General Public License (version 2 or later).


You can discuss BFilter on this forum. That forum is dedicated to Proxomitron, but it has a BFilter section.

This project needs developers!

BFilter was a one-man project since it started in 2002. Either it just doesn't have enough users to attract more developer attention, or everybody is happy with its current state, so they don't see where they could contribute.
Lately I've been focusing my efforts on another to-be-opensource project, so BFilter is getting little attention from me. Besides, I think I implemented everything I wanted, so I don't feel like adding new features these days.
If you want to see new features in BFilter and you are good at C++, you are welcome to join!

Contacting The Author

My email address can be found here.